Wando High Warrior Mascot Racist? No!

Wando High Warrior Mascot

Wando High Warrior Mascot

From Sam Overman's Change.org Petition to CCSD: Some students at Wando High School believe that the "Warrior" mascot is "racist". The Warrior mascot represents pride, excellence, strength, as well as so much more to those who live the warrior way and walk the Warrior walk. As it states on the back of our agenda "The Warrior is tough in loyalty, intensity, determination, bearing, initiative, endurance, courage and strength of will. The Warrior is frequently called upon to step forward when most gladly step  back. Warriors exist on the battlefield and in daily life." By using a Native American as our schools mascot we are held to a higher standard than most other schools. The Natives are warriors and uphold those ethics and ethos more than anyone can imagine. By dressing up as a Native American for a football game brings a sense of unity, brings the school together to create high morale and a sense of belonging. We are representing who our school is and who we are as a student body, we are Warriors.

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