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SC's NEW Constitutional Carry Law - in depth!

Where's our check in the mail?!

Here's a breakdown of the recent budget battle in SC that pitted Republicans against each other with Lowcountry House Rep. Matt Leber - powered by Disaster Plus

FAIL: Haley votes to keep SC Primary's Open

Fresh off Friday interviews on 94.3 WSC with returning former President Donald J. Trump and former SC Gov. and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, here are my hot takes for you to consider as SC GOP voters head to the polls Saturday.

Haley was asked if she's voting to close primary's in SC, she said no. And, Trump responded live to breaking news of his federal and financial court cases and Haley’s jabs he's using campaign cash to defend himself, "a lot of it's my cash".

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UNDER THREAT: Charleston's 'historic tourism' dollars - on demand!

The bedrock of Charleston's economic 'historic tourism' dollars that come from people traveling to SC to learn about America's history and the story of our nation's founding, is under seige.

After all, Charleston's history dates back to the American Revolution.

Unfortunately, the continued removal of historical moments, not just in the lowcountry, but across America, remains a threat. Check out the American Heritage Association's Brett Barry on a 'Big Fail Friday' edition of the Kelly Golden Show podcast - powered by Disaster Plus.

NOTE: Limited tickets to Saturday's AHA event are available here for purchase. Don't wait! It's close to being (if not already) sold out!

LISTEN: Newsom, or Michelle - for PRESIDENT?!

Will Biden 'make a shocking exit before the November election' and in his place, a “shadow candidate" be the new Democrat nominee?

Philip Graham, a California transplant to SC, is sounding the alarm 'if Biden is out, Newsom is in.'

Graham's launched The Rampart Project, a non-profit 501(c)(4) to 'prevent the cancerous spread of California's disastrous policies throughout the United States. We stand as the vanguard against the collapse of common sense governance and the degradation of American neighborhoods' and talk's about it here on The Kelly Golden Show Podcast - powered by Disaster Plus

Newsom stumped across the Palmetto state this week, urging Democrat voters to be 'proud' of Biden's accomplishments. Early voting is already underway for the Democrat Primary, which will be the Party's 'First in the Nation' here in SC on February 3rd.

A firearm and 50 rounds ...

Congress, this #BigFailFriday, failed to pass new funding to better secure our southern board. Now is a great time to remind everyone that the South Carolina Legislature has made it legal for you to carry a firearm to protect your life or someone else’s life in a life-or-death incident.

Check out this sitdown with owner El Rey “Buddy” Isgett who served in the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman for 10 years, where he fired pistols, rifles, machine guns and even an anti-tank weapon.

Isgett then joined the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office until his retirement after 30 years of service. "Buddy" has held several positions within the Sheriff’s Office to include certifications as a SCCJA Basic Law Enforcement Instructor, Firearms, Rifle and Master Taser Instructorships.

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PODCAST: hot-button bills up for debate this '24 SC Legislative Session

Listen to SC Reps. Kathy Landing, Jordan Pace and House Majority Leader Davey Hiott, bill’s lead sponsor, working to fast-track a ban on transgender medical procedures for SC minors. Other hot-button bills up for debate this 2024 legislative session include Constitutional Carry, Digital Currency and the so called 'Bar Bill'.

This #BFF #BigFailFriday edition of The Kelly Golden Show Podcast is powered by Disaster Plus

HOT TAKE: Buckner blasts Biden's Lowcountry Visit

REVIEW: Biden to visit Charleston's Mother Emanuel AME Church 'Why?' asked Duke Buckner, a candidate for SC's 6th US Congressional District:

''On Monday, President Biden is scheduled to be at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. This is the church where nine parishioners were murdered during a bible study in 2015. The last reported time President Biden was in South Carolina was in the summer of 2022 when he was vacationing on luxurious Kiawah Island. Now, less than a year before the 2024 presidential election, he will be visiting a historic Black church in Charleston. Why?'

Take a listen to more and click here for the full print context of Buckner's published review:

'It is my sincere hope that President Biden will speak at the church about reconciliation and healing; the love of God and how we should love our neighbor as ourself. I hope he will talk about how we can come together as Americans and not allow ourselves to be divided by race, gender, political or socio-economic lines. He should not disrespect or dishonor the Church or its members by making offensive racist comments like he did at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner last year where he called famed Hip Hop Artist LL Cool J a “Boy”.'

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ADOPT: a Veteran Family in Need this Christmas

Tim Taylor says the program's short $1700 and is in need of your help. Take a listen!

Click here to 'Adopt a Veteran Family' in need this Christmas.

PODCAST: Sizeism and Fatphobia Are Violence, but Not Calling for Genocide of Jews?

NY US Rep. Elise Stefanik says she was left 'shaken' by university presidents' 'pathetic' answers about antisemitism - and says presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT should be fired.

Charleston County Councilman Larry Kobrovsky weigh's in on this #BigFailFriday edition of the Kelly Golden Show Podcast - powered by Disaster Plus