Cohen's Client list Includes Sean Hannity?

I said it on-air Tuesday (recapped in below audio podcast) and will repeat here, we should ALL be unified in our horror and outrage over the outright abuse of fundamental rights on full display in this Cohen Case. There are many understandable reasons 'attorney-client privilege' exist summed up really well in below piece by Ty Alpert in Slate. What's next? Your doctor is ordered to spill your medical records, your therapist your inner secrets? Sean Hannity seems to have a lawsuit of epic proportions on his hands, and it's not looking good for Cohen, the FBI or the Judge in this case. They messed with the wrong dude on this one. Hannity's a fighter, and won't back down! We'll be plugged in to see how all this plays out here at 94.3 WSC, where Hannity is currently broadcasting 3-6p. weekdays on your drive home.  

'As a rule, lawyers shouldn’t have to reveal who their clients are. Just like doctors and therapists can’t reveal the names of the people they treat, lawyers in virtually every state have an ethical obligation not to reveal information “relating to the representation of a client” unless the client consents. The prohibition is extremely broad and includes even the names of clients that are not otherwise public. There’s good reason for that rule, and yet many people are questioning why, as a general principle, Cohen’s representation of Hannity would be something Hannity had a right to keep secret.' 

- Ty Alpert, JURISPRUDENCE/Slate

Alpert imaging the 'courtroom reaction to the disclosure of Hannity’s name' is worth a chuckle!

Kelly Golden

Kelly Golden

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