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James Comey, Stormy Daniels and My 'Cop Out Of The Week'

My Cop Out of the Week is Powered by Jackson Davenport Vision Center King Street Charleston

James Comey tells Stephen Colbert he's like a breakup Donald Trump can't get over

"I'm like the breakup he can't get over. He [Trump] wakes up in the morning ... I'm out there living my best life, he wakes up in the morning and tweets at me." - James Comey to Colbert without even a hint of self-awareness considering. He. Just. Wrote. A. Book. About. Trump.

Others have asked themselves if these are Taylor Swift lyrics or an actual quote from a former FBI director?! 

TWITTER: 'James Comey is officially the psycho hose beast from Wayne’s World.'

TWITTER: 'Comey is like a slightly more grown up version of all of the teen activists we’ve seen lately. Displays a cringe-inducing self righteousness/lack of self awareness and is figuring himself out on social media in front of the country.'Except he doesn’t have the excuse of being 16!

Cop Out of the Week is Powered by Jackson Davenport Vision Center on King Street in downtown Charleston.

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