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'Kick Him Out!' Crowd blasts CNN at Trump Event

As usual the Main Stream Wonder Bra Media's got it all wrong. While SC voters know POTUS was making good on a promise to endorse Henry McMaster, their overwhelming calls to my show Tuesday were to vote for the guy who is actually more 'like' Trump: the successful businessman, political outsider who campaigned on draining the swamp


John Warren voters are avid Trump supporters and know the media will 'do what they do' and spin any John Warren win as a loss for POTUS 45. Warren voters don't care what the MSM has to say about it because they continually get it wrong (hence chanting video!) Warren voters know the President can handle hits from the press, because no matter the win or loss, the hits just keep coming. 

Warren voters see him as a win for SC, a state that's wrought with political corruption. And that's at the very core of Trumps base - who the MSM still struggles to understand, misrepresent and look down their elitist noses at. 

Trumps base is quite simple! The forgotten man, and woman. The very faces that re-opened the Georgetown Steel Mill that had been shuttered for the last three years. They include black faces, and brown faces and yes of course white faces too (even though those are mostly the only ones the MSM would have you see). They are educated men and women who don't appreciated being disrespected for how they look, where they live, what they do or how they sound. 

The Main Stream Wonder Bra Media's assumptions are insulting to Trump supporters and it continues to show in their ratings. 


Wake up or go dark, it's your choice to make because common sense people in this country who respect the rule of law have already spoken and it continues to fall on the deaf ears of the 'slanted, biased' so called 'news' media.

Photo Credit: G-Man 'The Producer' of 94.3 WSC

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