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Kelly Golden

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Live From the Shutdown Crosstown on 94.3 WSC

Kelly Golden was among hundreds of stranded motorist stuck in crosstown flooding for over five hours Friday. She broadcast her entire live three hour show from the scene.

My #BigFailFriday started with a severe storm cell drenching parts of the lowcountry with seven inches of rain overnight. It was my mistake to assume the blinding rain I was driving through to get to the radio station in Mount Pleasant had 'just started' so driving the crosstown was still an option. I, along with hundreds of other motorist, became trapped between Fishburn St. and Ashley Avenue for over five hours, while flood waters continued to rise, then eventually recede, around us.

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A construction worker from NC let me borrow his umbrella, a nice woman who does payroll for the Embassy's at the State Department give me shelter in car for live talk breaks and Eric from the Air Force base lent me his portable charger so I could broadcast my entire three hour live show from the flooded out crosstown on a #BigFailFriday

Thank you all for checking in on me and to our first responders who did eventually have to tow cars and get people moving again. Needless to say, I won't be taking the crosstown home this #BigFailFriday or maybe ever again until our elected officials build a bridge over it.

Listen to the show here:

Watch my Facebook Live's from throughout the morning:

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