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Kelly Golden

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94.3 WSC's Kelly Golden Receives State Honor

SC Rep. Wendell Gilliard, along with Project Cool Breeze Volunteers, delivered a State Resolution honoring Golden's continued career of community service. And, Kelly took the opportunity to donated an AC Unit to Project Cool Breeze.

"You're well known throughout the State and we all ought to be proud of that. But on a personal note ... I've always admired your outreach in the community ... you are out there for the many, the least of them, and that's why we had to come here today and bestow this award upon you, you're well deserving" Gilliard said.

Wendell, a Democrat and Kelly, a Conservative, are yet another example of how Charleston leads the way of proving that hate can't sink a City that loves.

"I'm proud to continue to work and live in a city where there is still civility in matters of political discourse," 94.3 WSC's Kelly Golden said,"Wendell wants to impeach the President, while I applaud the President and what he's doing for our economy and world peace. But, I'll continue to work on Wendell and he won't stop trying to get me to see his way, and that's ok!"

Gilliard and Golden have put their political differences aside to worked together for many years to help the most vulnerable in Charleston, whether it's gathering coats for the homeless on the coldest day of the year, to helping the elderly escape the scorching heat with Project Cool Breeze Air Conditioners.

"It's what we're supposed to be doing - talking things out, respectfully. We just happen to do it around community service projects. And that's frankly something we should all strive for. Start by working together to make change right here at home, in our own communities," Golden said.

Given the current politically divisive times in our country, seeing people like Gilliard and Golden continue to work together here in the Lowcountry, is a refreshing change of dialogue not being reported on a nationwide scale. 

SC Resolution Presented to 94.3 WSC's Kelly Golden
State Award for 94.3 WSC's Kelly Golden

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