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Maurice Washington Responds To Being Subject of Racial 'Meme'

Since last #BigFailFriday we've pretty much heard it all here at 94.3 WSC, from how could you post 'Fake News' or 'Don't Give Fringe Crazies A Platform' to being accused of being 'Part of the Problem' for calling out the local lefts antics playing out in the #SC01 race. Sadly, this isn't fake news and these weren't 'fringe crazies' who created and shared this racist meme (and since removed it from their accounts.) The people who created, shared this vile messaging are educated, respected people in our community. A small business owner, an attorney, one actually running for office! 

The meme (pic above) shows a Dixie flag atop the White House, filled the White House lawn with cotton, pictured our President as a Plantation owner and a few new Katie Arrington supporters, as slaves. Maurice Washington was one of them, a former Charleston City Councilman, candidate for Mayor and member of the Charleston Republican Party. 

We spoke to him for his reaction HERE. 

So, why address at all? Because calling out the abhorrent messaging depicted in this meme, shared by some local Democrats in the black community to send a clear message to their more conservative Republican brothers that it's NOT o.k. to have different political beliefs, is worth standing up for. We are better than this as human beings.

We've been told, we're just trying to 'stir things up' by posting 'political trash'. If that were the case, we would of left the full screen capture with identities, but indeed did not. We here at 94.3 WSC we feel this kind of hate needs to stop. These folks know who they are and it's likely only a matter of time their names are made public, as we're told this matter has been referred to the US Attorney's office for the FBI's review. 

But, I keep getting asked, why hasn't the local/state Democrat Party (or local candidates) disavowed this yet? Certainly, if any local Republicans posted this 'plantation meme', it would lead every national news outlet for days

Meanwhile, crickets here locally. 

Why is that? 

Because these two parties aren't treated the same by the the MSM. It's something voters are tired of seeing play out on a daily basis and, make no mistake, this continued unfair and unbalanced treatment will keep driving voters to the polls Nov. 6th to vote 'Red'.

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