HELP: Lowcountry Relief Efforts for Bahamas

Recent Facebook Post from SC Senator Sandy Senn: 'Our guys made it back from the Bahamas last night. They smelled like billy goats but they got a lot done and helped a lot of people. I looked at Rande’s pictures and that is really when I got overwhelmed and just cried and cried. If you do not want to read about what Dorian did to the people of the Bahamas you might want to block posts from me for a while because I need to vent. I selected these pictures below as the initial pictures I’m going to post for a reason. If you look at all the people surrounding the airplane and the supplies that came off of the plane you will see boxes of medical supplies donated by Plantation Pharmacy and the Medical University of South Carolina. My husband said the people at the clinic were so thrilled to get the medical supplies and that the place was packed with people needing medical attention. There was one doctor on duty. He said there was a lot of blood and a lot of people. They were very thankful to get the supplies. (cont.)

Recent Facebook Post from SC Senator Sandy Senn: 'Apparently there is a huge need for insulin and since it requires refrigeration a lot of people will probably die from diabetes if we don’t get them help. I asked Rande how all those people were gathered on the runway near the plane and he shook his head and said that’s because there is no airport really and no fence anymore so they can just walk out to the airplanes. What strikes me about this picture is the orderly nature of the kind of people from Treasure Cay. These are not people from Marsh Harbor where things are rough. These are nice people always smiling and they need help. Look at them. They are gazing at the supplies and the water which they all say they desperately need and rather than snatching and grabbing they were waiting for someone to tell them what they could take. The top picture is of people just hoping that some of the planes will take them out of there and a lot of them did get out on private planes. I posted that pic because if you look closely you will see an orange bicycle. What is funny about that is that it is our bicycle! My husband is the king of bungee cords and zip ties and that bike indeed has one of our zip ties on it. That means somebody used it to get to the airport since the rubble made bike travel easier than car travel at one point. I am grateful that our bike was used and I hope that the people there take anything else of mine that they want. There’s not much left that they would want however. I will post pictures of our house later but first things first. The other photo below is of the “Haste Ye Back” sign. If you have ever been to Treasure Cay you would know it and now it is gone. More planes to follow with relief today. Most friends have been accounted for but not all and there are a lot of dead people, starving and thirsty people and poor animals that are feral or abandoned. We have our first family moving to Charleston they will be evacuated from Nassau today and probably in the Charleston area tomorrow. One is a bishop of a church we attended in Abaco. He prepared a Facebook posting that went viral I will try to post it but his family is on the way to Charleston (posted below). In it he says that his government is non-existent and with his voice cracking he said he “Thanks God for the Americans.” It is my understanding that 111 flight landed in Treasure Cay yesterday and generally there are only eight. I applaud these brave pilots as many of them went in there with supplies illegally because the Bahamas made it a no fly zone Because they do not want to hurt tourism. Isn’t that crazy? In any event, for those of you who have donated goods and money I wanted you to know that these people desperately needed that aid and will continue to need it for a long time. Bless you!'

Sandy tells 94.3 WSC that charcoal, baby power and children's bubbles would be great things to donate right now. Please feel free to bring those supplies, all this week, to our Mount Pleasant studios at 950 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Suite 201, 29464 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

You can listen to this podcast for more ways to help Senator Senn's on-going relief efforts. And Sandy's email for any offers to help is . You can also direct message her on her Facebook Page here.

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