Joe Picks Party Over Lowcountry

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Rep. Cunningham Says He'll Vote to Impeach: Joe Picks Party Over Lowcountry

I stand by my original nickname for the First Congressional Congressman #OneTermJoeMustGo Joe's a goner at this point. This vote only seals the deal! Guess he's already seen the writing on the wall, given the incredibly strong GOP candidates readying to defeat him next year. Below are some of their reactions. From Politico:

Reps. Ben McAdams andJoe Cunningham, two of the most endangered House Democrats, said Monday they will vote to impeach President Donald Trump, in a boon for party leaders just days ahead of the vote.
Fifteen Democrats in districts won by Trump have now said publicly they willback articles of impeachment charging the president with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress’ Ukraine inquiry
McAdams of Utah and Cunningham of South Carolina had been among the few question marks for Democratic leaders ahead of the Wednesday floor vote; Both are centrists with an independent streak who have bucked the party on key votes on immigration and spending. more ...
McAdams was also among a small group of Democrats meeting privately tofloat the idea of censuring Trumpin an attempt to attract bipartisan support for rebuking the president without impeaching him.
But the conservative Utah Democrat said at a Murray City Hall news conference that “the evidence, for me, is clear” that Trump undermined the 2020 election by soliciting help from Ukraine to boost his own political fortunes.

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