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About Sunday's MAGA Boat Parade ...

From Event FB page

There’s been a lot of crazy online buzz over the 'first' attempt to organize a MAGA boat parade in Charleston involving Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis. Click the above links if you dare, but, I'd rather move on to actual details of Sunday's event, like - who's organizing it now and what to expect.

Chad, the new event organizer, is a 39-year-old small business owner, new father and husband, says he's been working with authorities like the US Coast Guard to keep the event as organized and safe as possible.

He joined me live this week on 94.3 WSC to go over a few things:

"Some young ladies in Charleston wanted to do a parade to show support for our President, and we're attacked with death threats. So they were forced to cancel it and remove all their social media accounts. Well we're not ones to be bullied!"

This Sunday, May 24th - Chad say's they'll be meeting just off the US Coast Guard station on the battery in Downtown Charleston at noon. At 12:30 the boat parade will get underway:

"We'll be rounding the battery and up the harbor. Under the Ravenel Bridge and around drum island. Then back past the USS Yorktown and end just past the Harbor marina. We encourage everyone to then go support all the area restaurants in Shem Creek."

This is not a sponsored event by any one person, group, business or agency.

"This isn't an official event either. It is a mere public forum for like minded individuals to gather and travel to a destination in the safety of numbers."

The official channel the event organizers will be monitoring this Sunday is VHF Ch. 71. They are asking everyone in the parade to please monitor it.

Take a listen to the full podcast of the event from 'The Kelly Golden Show' on 94.3 WSC

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