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GOOD SIGN: increased voter turnout despite virus concerns

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S.C. Republicans See Increase in Voter Turnout and Select Their Nominees

COVID-19 changed voting procedures across the state, but Republicans didn’t let that stop them from voting.

“Primary Day was definitely a success. We saw that even in the midst of a pandemic, Republicans were still going to make their voices heard,” SCGOP Executive Director Hope Walker said. “In the 2016 primary we saw almost 418,000 votes cast. Yesterday we had almost 465,000 votes cast. We’re not surprised turnout was at 15-year high with President Trump and Senator Graham at the top of the ticket this year. And with record-breaking absentee ballot requests, we know that Republicans were voting from home if they couldn’t make it to the polls.”

In addition to deciding the candidates who will continue to the General Election, Republican voters also voted on the advisory questions on their ballots. We saw an overwhelming 86% of Republican voters want the option to affiliate with the political party of their choice. In response to the second advisory question, 80% of Republican voters think candidates should only be able to represent one party on the ballot at a time.

“The voters have told us how they feel. Now, the ball is in the legislature’s court to decide how they want to respond,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick tells 94.3 WSC.

Senator Lindsey Graham won his primary and earned the Republican nomination, again, to face liberal Democrat Jaime Harrison in November.

“Senator Graham has worked tirelessly for the people of South Carolina, defended Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, and has supported President Trump. Now, the work begins in earnest to beat Democrat Jaime Harrison in the fall. We’re ready and eager to make that happen and re-elect Senator Graham in November,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick.

State Representative Nancy Mace clinched the nomination in the First Congressional District. She’ll go head to head with Democrat Joe Cunningham in the General Election. Click here for more live coverage from Mace herself!

“First, we want to congratulate Nancy Mace on becoming our Republican nominee. Now is where the rubber meets the road. Beating Democrat Joe Cunningham is going to require party unity and a lot of work. But we’ve got the resources and manpower to do it. We’re ready to get to work highlighting Cunningham’s liberal Democrat record, that’s proved he’s put his Party over the Lowcountry. And I’m confident we’ve got the drive and organization to flip this seat back to the Republican Party in November,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick on 'The Kelly Golden Show' on 94.3 WSC.

After voters across the state made their way to the polls or mailed in their absentee ballot, the results are in and Republican voters have spoken.

While it’s clear the hiccups in polling locations across the state, that need to be addressed and fixed before the General Election in November, Republicans are confident South Carolina’s conservative values will keep winning.

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