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Will Charleston business owners ever catch a break?

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Multiple weekend protests continued across the Lowcountry following the death of George Floyd nearly three weeks ago.

More than 100 protesters took to downtown Charleston Saturday, starting at White point Gardens, then walking to the market and Marion square.

An organizer said the movement goes beyond marching along sidewalks.

“Things need to change and that’s what we’re going after,” organizer Charlie Em said. “Some of us are walking the streets. Some of us are out here speaking with the mayor, speaking with the congressman, speaking with people trying to get it done.”

But some say even peaceful protests are harming local business, especially the carriage tour industry.

“I’ve been in the Carriage business 40 years, and I’m super concerned about the next four months,” Tommy Doyle, general manager at Palmetto Carriage Works said.

During the protest, Charleston City officials said carriage tours had to end an hour early because of the horses’ sensitivity to sudden and loud noises.

Doyle said the business has been interrupted about 6 times during the last two weeks during protests.

“We had five minutes notice today that we had to refund 80 people,” Doyle said. “You know, coming out of COVID times, it’s really, really difficult.”

Doyle joined 94.3 WSC on 'The Kelly Golden Show' with this candid look at life amid Covid-19 and protests in our city.

Meanwhile, we've gotten an update on why bullets rang out Sunday morning, shattering CO's King Street window, with people inside.

Former Employee Charged For Firing Shots Into King Street Restaurant

A former employee of the CO Noodle Restaurant was arrested and charged today for firing shots into the King Street restaurant on Sunday, June 14th.

John Carmichael Godfrey II, 24, of Charleston, surrendered to the police today at police headquarters at 180 Lockwood Boulevard.

Police responded to the CO Noodle Restaurant on June 14th at about 11:20 a.m. in reference to several shots being fired into the restaurant. There were several employees inside of the restaurant during the incident.

No one was injured.

Godfrey is charged with 6 counts of assault and battery first degree. He’s scheduled to have a bond hearing 2:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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