Meet Local WW2 Vet Turning 100

1968 photo when Doug Plate was promoted to Rear Admiral

1968 photo when Doug Plate was promoted to Rear Admiral

We here at 94.3 WSC are hoping you'll help to bring the service of a highly decorated WWII vet some much deserved recognition this coming Monday. Vice Admiral Doug Plate is turning 100 this Monday, July 20th 2020, and Michael McShane is inviting the Lowcountry to wish his colleague and mentor a happy birthday.

"To give you a real flavor for Admiral Plate who often stated that his most memorable moment of his Naval career to be when General MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender to the Allied Powers. Admiral Plate was the Junior Officer of the Watch on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay when this happened, " McShane tells Kelly Golden on 94.3 WSC,
Michael McShane notes: "Similar to many high school and college students who recently had their senior year interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic Admiral Plates senior year was also interrupted by the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor. He was graduated 10 days later by the US Naval Academy and immediately commissioned into WWII!"

Mike's organizing a formal 'drive by' recognition of Plate's 100th birthday from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Camp Road James Island. Mr. Plate will be sitting out front of the Bishop Gadsden Life Care Retirement Community during that time to receive his surprise!

Please join us in our very special 'Military Monday Salute' to a true area patriot and highly decorated WWII vet, Vice Admiral Doug Plate in person, on-air and online.

Take a listen to this for even more details and information:

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