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Kamala 'partisanship above all else'



Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris will be his running mate in the 2020 election. Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman, Jenny Beth Martin, says his pick really doesn’t matter:

“Biden has already been steamrolled by the extreme left wing, and will simply be a rubber stamp for Bernie Sanders and the kooky socialists who have hijacked the Democratic Party.”

Kamala will appease the far left just as Biden has. Jenny Beth stated:

“In the Senate, she opposed the repeal of ObamaCare, voted against the vast majority of President Trump’s nominees, including the eminently qualified Supreme Court nominees, and has put partisanship above all else.”

The American people will now have a choice to make.

“The November election will offer two contrasting visions for America’s future – the Trump/Pence vision, an optimistic view of America’s future based on individual liberty and limited government, and the Biden/Harris vision, based on bigger government and a pessimistic view of America’s limitations. We are confident America will choose the former.”

State GOP Chair Drew McKissick joins Kelly Golden to discuss. Take a listen!

ICYMI: Please SEE BELOW and forward to 3:48 to 6:05 on this YouTube video!

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