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Nancy Mace, 'This is their playbook and it's disgusting'



Regarding the Atlantic article, I’ll trust a Green Beret and combat veteran over any propagandists masquerading as journalists -- Joe Kent, Gold Star husband and a retired Army officer:

“President Trump’s actions have shown our troops more respect than any president in my lifetime. His use of decisive military force only when absolutely necessary, combined with his reluctance to use the military as the sole tool of foreign policy, is not only good and smart, but the sign of utmost respect for the lives of our troops.”

Despite the repeated attempts by President Trump's staff to debunk the article, SC US Cong. Joe Cunningham, and Democrat Presidential contender Joe Biden, continue to react and share narrative from this hack job of an alleged 'media' piece.

I talked with Nancy Mace, running against the Lowcountry's current Democrat Congressman, on the GOP ticket, about his social sharing of the debunked "suckers" and "losers" 'propaganda'.

"This is their playbook and it's disgusting," Mace said on 94.3 WSC

Her full podcast is here, or click below. Also, check out her new ad, featuring the chaos along upper King Street that broke out after protests turned violent and destructive in Charleston.

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