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WATCH: Mace vs. Cunningham, first debate

Live streaming debate party with Kelly Golden and BCGOP

The first debate in SC01 race was like watching these very misleading anti-Mace commercials, paid for by DCCC, played on repeat - over and over.

The commercial claims that Nancy Mace "supports a 23% tax increase on everything you buy!" SC US Congressman Joe Cunningham actually increased that number in claims during the debate to 30% and pulled it out over and over.

If these ads, and his tactics have your attention, take note. 23% is exactly what the FAIRtax would impose, right after abolishing both Income and FICA taxes allowing Working Americans to KEEP every penny they earn.

The DCCC makes no mention that people would also get a 23% REFUND on all sales taxes paid up to poverty level of consumption, thereby COMPLETELY untaxing those at the bottom of the economic income level. And the advert makes no mention that the FAIRtax would abolish the IRS!

The only reference provided regarding Mace's support for this 23% sales tax is what she said during that May 2020 primary debate when I asked the candidates the FAIRtax. Nancy answered "Fairtax, Flattax, yes, Kelly, I support type of taxation that would reduce the burden on working families" paraphrasing her answer.

This 'tax attack' just shows how the opposition would attack any candidate that dares to abolish our convoluted 76,000 page Internal Revenue Income Tax Code.

"Man she is killing him. Someone needs to Photoshop him with two black eyes a broken nose and missing teeth. Because that's the only think I see when i look at him right now" - Corey Allen
"Why does look like it was filmed in the 1960's? Lol!" -Shakem Amen Akhet

Lets try and do this again tonight for the first Presidential debate, that will be airing live as well, on 94.3 WSC.

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