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Complete Coverage of Bikers For Trump SC ride, rally

Kelly Golden + crew during Bikers For Trump SC ride 10/25/2020

From eight years to 80 years-old, I got to meet 94.3 WSC fans from all walks of life at the 2020 Bikers for Trump SC rally. Here is a quick recap from starting prayer to finishing fellowship. The event kicked-off with a very moving prayer with Nate Green a veteran and active law enforcer. It starts about a minute or two in. Click the picture to join live coverage!

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"Thank you for your live videos otherwise I would’ve never known this was happening! It was amazing just like participating in the Trump boat parade in May. There’s definitely something special about being apart of an event that supports our president peacefully and having so much fun at the same time!! God bless you girl!!" - Jacy M.

Riders rolling out of Ladson, headed I-26 E over the Ravenel Bridge, then return:

Join live coverage by clicking the pic!
"Thank you for sharing your live video otherwise I would never have known to get in my car to watch this spectacular display of patriotism by so many different kinds of people!! It was amazing! I loved seeing all the bikers, trucks and everything in between!! Thanks again!! That was so cool!! Gave me chills of hope for our country!" - M. Campbell

Along the route, both directions of Ravenel Bridge were completely packed with Trump loving conservatives ready for FOUR MORE YEARS! Take a look from the pedestrian walk of the Ravenel Bridge courtesy of listener June F. There's also some pretty cool live video taken from my Cozy side car:

After a safe return of a couple hundred bikes, followed by a couple hundred 'four wheelers' that included trucks, cars, even big rigs. There were wonderfully diverse speeches from BlexitSC and Gay's for Trump followed by fellowship. And, because social media is blocking tons of conservative content, please CLICK THE PIC for continued video coverage:

Check out this post show podcast of everyone's reaction to the BFTSC event.

Great news if you missed it - Oct. 31st another MAGA drag the interstate is taking place! Trump & Treat is the theme and folks will be standing by the BJ's in Summerville starting at 9:30 a.m. to leave by 10. Costumes and car decorations are a MUST!

*** ADDING additional coverage from listeners as it comes in below from the Bikers For Trump SC ride so be sure to check back for more!

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