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Who are the 'Proud Boys'?

GETTY IMAGE: Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys

Who are the 'Proud Boys'? They're the group whose members were stabbed in D.C. over the weekend reportedly by Antifa. You'll be hard pressed to find any 'main stream media' publication reporting that though, or anything about the weekend MAGA rally in D.C. in an unbiased fashion.

Here's a video montage I posted of some of the violence unfolding after dark in streets of D.C.

Here's one article, from Newsweek, still written with bias, but it at least included a quote from an apparent Proud Boy member named Joe Biggs' Parler account:

"Looking over coverage of our event. Every single outlet made it seem to the American people we stabbed 4 people. No we got stabbed." Biggs wrote. "The media lies. And as the media lies and the masses believe [our] country dies."

Another statement from same account:

"We will fight for the family. Our women. Our children. Our country but most of all. God. This is a country founded on Christianity and it will always be a Christian nation...."

I decided to go straight to the source for an interview with 'Fish' of the Rip Tide Chapter of Proud Boys in South Carolina, to hear what this group is really all about.

"We are NOT racist. We are NOT bigots We are also not politically correct. We are men of every size, shape and color - every ethnicity... I actually just inducted my first gay member into our chapter. I myself am a Hispanic married father of two. We just absolutely love America."

Here's a podcast of the rest of our conversation that happened post MAGA Million March, and pre weekend events of recent note:

'But, Kelly' you say, 'these guys have been dubbed an 'extremist hate group' by the FBI'. With just a little bit of digging, I find out this is fake news that continues to be spread without retraction. In fact, here is the FBI telling Oregon Public Broadcasting that this is NOT true and that their statements have been 'taken out of context':

Portland FBI Head Clarifies Statement On Proud Boys

Once again, it looks like the 'blue check' mob and so called ‘media’ have it wrong. People like Kash Lee Kelly, who travelled to D.C. to sing the National Anthem at a prayer rally, watched as he says 'Antifa protestors' ransacked his hotel gift shop, then stabbed a MAGA supporter. Take a look here!

We should all expect more from the 'press' than opinion filled disinformation masqueraded as 'news'. What 'journalism' has become is an embarrassment to what was once a noble profession.

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