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LISTEN: How Did We Get Here?

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LISTEN: How Did We Get Here? America's Deep Political Divide Explained

If I'm to beleive what I'm being told, half of us believe 'mainstream' news outlets that report the Biden/Kamala election was legitimately won and that our government is here working for us and to protect us. (Same folks who never understood why we have the 'bad orange man' in the White House.)

The supposed 'other half' who hired the non-politician businessman to 'drain the D.C. swamp' want a more deep dive on election fraud/integrity and absent of it, don't feel like the 2020 election was proven legitimate. Many of these folks have been de-platformed by big tech, driven to 'alternate' sources to get 'information' - much of it unverifiable, EVEN IF TRUE.

Listener Katherine sent me a private message on Facebook not knowing what to believe re: the flood of so-called online 'experts' (then there's the Q Anon/Insurrection Act rabbit holes etc.)

KATHERINE: 'I feel like I’m stuck in a Jelly Belly game of Bamboozeld. Little nuggets of good tasting flavors to keep playing but 85% of what goes in my mouth is nasty and taste like vomit while the everyone laughs at each other's funny faces yet no one stops eating, playing the game because there’s still a pile to eat and everyone’s hoping for that yummy flavor.'

Whatever comes heading into Inauguration Day, hopefully this quick rundown of what each sides are poss. thinking will help provide some clarity as we navigate through 2021. Thanks for listening!

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