How to combat 'cancel culture' of Conservatives

GETTY IMAGE: Outrage Mob

GETTY IMAGE: Outrage Mob

Combating 'cancel culture' of Conservatives

LOFTIS: 'stop paying people who despise you!'

Gateway Pundit is the latest to lose their Twitter account to the 'outrage mob'. We already know about #45's unprecedented de-platforming. And, of course, there was the free speech networking site Parler deleted from their online provider. Same for the Walk Away movement and founder Brandon Straka. Then there's unapologetic Candace Owens who is openly suing the 'fact checkers' here but what else can a 'cancelled conservative' do to stay connected?

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis talks all things politics in 2021 including new information on the 529 College Savings Plan on this edition of The Kelly Golden Show: