Lowcountry mourns Limbaugh loss

GETTY IMAGES: President Trump Gives State Of The Union Address

GETTY IMAGES: President Trump Gives State Of The Union Address

Dawn listened to Rush while she was in prison, serving a six year sentence for committing a strong armed robbery of a SC gas station with an axe. She told me off air we'd be surprised how many black women in prison, just like her, listened to Rush Limbaugh in the mid '90's:

"Our families failed us, we failed our kids by not marrying their fathers, and we felt lost, trying to seek a better way," she said during a one on one conversation after the tribute show ended.

Dawn admitted always being perplexed by her whole family who voted Democrat but raised her with conservative values. Stay tuned for her call and podcast coming up tomorrow.

Then, there's Milton. He's another 'not who'd you'd think would be listening to Rush Limbaugh' kind of caller. He is a retired cab driver living in an assisted living facility in Holly Hill. He freely admits on-air to being 'a black man in his sixties' who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket in the November 2020 election, and has always voted for Democrat candidates. He offered prayers for Rush's family, and asked me to leave him on hold so he could listen to the remainder of the show, as he was having 'issues' with his streaming service.

Milton's a longtime listener to the Kelly Golden Show, is legally blind and often has problems reading the screens on devices. I've helped him, over this year-long pandemic, find fellowship through connections with faith leaders each Sunday - over his phone. It's been his lifeline, not just through covid, but he admits, through life, with Rush's influence playing a major part.

Taken a listen to the first hour of the Kelly Golden tribute show to Rush, that includes other callers, and accounts of Limbaugh's legacy that affected countless lowcountry lives. And, stay tuned for part two and three as soon as production is complete: