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Supremes toss all election suits, 'moot'

GETTY IMAGES: Supreme Court of the United States, Washington DC, USA

Supreme Court tosses election suits, 'moot' Penn. Attorney explains SCOTUS 'rejection' on 94.3 WSC

The Supreme Court has denied Trump's Pennsylvania election challenge as moot. In addition to the PA late-arriving mail-in ballots cases, #SCOTUS also declined to take up *six* additional election-related challenges:

20-799 (GA)

20-809 (AZ)

20-810 (PA)

20-845 (PA)

20-815 (MI)

20-882 (WI)

Unlike the PA cases, these came over no public dissents.

Greg Teufel, a member of the litigation team for the Pennsylvania mail-in voting lawsuit, discusses the latest developments in the case with host Kelly Golden on 94.3 WSC. Teufel initially brought a lawsuit in Pennsylvania challenging the constitutionality of Act 77 which implemented no excuse mail-in balloting in Pennsylvania.

Expansion of absentee balloting to no excuse mail-in balloting required a Pennsylvania constitutional amendment, but Pennsylvania instead implemented it through Act 77. It violates their federal constitutional rights to deny them any meaningful opportunity to contest the state election laws as contrary to the state constitution. Take a listen to his full podcast:

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