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Lowcountry lawmaker reaction to deadly attack on US Marines in Afghanistan

Kabul International Airport Cleared of Explosives

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Joe Biden struck deals with the Taliban and negotiated with terrorists while waging war on Trump supporters, red state governors and the unvaccinated. Four US Marines are now dead #JoeMustGo #ImpeachBiden - Kelly Golden, 94.3 WSC

Here's lowcountry lawmaker reaction to the deadly attack on American's in Afghanistan:

SC US. Rep. Nancy Mace:

'This is unconscionable. Weeks away from the anniversary of 9/11. I'm heartbroken. Praying for Kabul this morning, for our troops, for our citizens, and for the innocent people in danger in Afghanistan.'

SC US Senator Tim Scott:

'Praying for our troops, Americans in the region and our Afghan allies.'

SC US Senator Lindsey Graham:

'The biggest mistake in this debacle is abandoning Bagram. We have the capability to reestablish our presence at Bagram to continue to evacuate American citizens and our Afghan allies.'
“If I was the president of the United States, I’d have told the Taliban to, ‘Go to hell. We’re going to stay here as long as it takes to get out people out,’” Graham said. “And if I were president of the United States, we’d of had soldiers in Afghanistan as long as it takes to keep America safe.” - SC US Sen. Lindsey Graham, THE STATE

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