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iHeart's Hurricane Ida Heroes

Damaged building part of hurricane Michael debris

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Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana with devastating force -- causing catastrophic wind damage as well as a life-threatening storm surge, flooding and heavy rainfall. The 2021 hurricane season is proving to be both complex and challenging, as we are still managing the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic – but our stations and our people are proving once again that their commitment to serving their communities is at the heart of everything we do.

"We are incredibly proud of our teams, both in impacted communities and those which have risen to support them, in the midst of this natural disaster, supporting their communities the way our company does best – providing the crucial information, assistance and the personal connection that listeners depend on in times of crisis." -Bob Pittman + Rich Bressler

As of Tuesday, 8/31/21, 100% of New Orleans and 80% of Baton Rouge are experiencing power outages, including significant cell service and internet outages.

"Our local iHeart family of broadcast radio stations are working around the clock, with our folks often without communication even to their own families, doing all they can to keep our stations on the air, ensuring their communities continue to have the most up-to-date vital information on the impact of the hurricane and where they can find help." -Bob Pittman + Rich Bressler

In addition to the wall-to-wall broadcast radio coverage providing key local updates, our Louisiana stations’ websites and social media are providing regular updates from the National Hurricane Center offering hurricane preparation safety and live video sharing of key statewide press conferences.

The iHeartRadio app has also been critical in pushing important information to listeners and streaming live coverage. Down load that now if you haven't already!

We have also seen many iHeart radio stations in neighboring markets come together to provide additional support and relief for New Orleans and Baton Rouge during this challenging time.

All seven of our Houston, TX stations are working to secure volunteers, supplies and warehousing for over fifty 18-wheelers of supplies they plan to send to impacted areas of New Orleans in the coming days from the people of Houston;

In Florida, iHeart Panama City is organizing a multi-market donation drive to help collect needed items to be sent to children and families affected by the hurricane;

33 radio stations across Mobile/Pensacola, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Tupelo and Memphis will be participating in a Red Cross Hurricane Relief Radiothon on Friday, September 3 and posting donation links across their station and social sites.

"We are so proud of our teams on the ground, serving our communities in times of need through emergency broadcasting as well as providing unwavering support during and after these crises, helping our communities to recover. We know you join us in thanking them for their unwavering commitment and dedication to our mission." -Bob Pittman + Rich Bressler

If you’d like to help support Louisiana communities, AmeriCares and United Way of Southeast Louisiana are two well-respected organizations offering Hurricane Ida relief funds.

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