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Conservative high school student fights back

Pictures by Bella Mann

Our future is bright - This is what COURAGE looks like!

It takes courage for a conservative high school student to stand up for her beliefs, but that’s exactly what Bella Mann did at her school this week.

Organized pressure campaigns from leftist students and teachers, anonymous online harassment and bullying, and biased administrators make it incredibly hard for young conservatives to stand up for conservative principles on their school campus.

I’m so proud of her, and all the others, for standing up for conservative principles, and they encourage me to keep up the fight each day to ensure that more students like them push back against the all-out assault on our American freedoms.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to the below phone call from mom Stephanie, proud of her daughter Bella, for organizing a peaceful protest at Wando High this week, pushing back against the district's mandated masking - which is being challenged in court:

"Her father was killed in Afghanistan. She knows the price of freedom!"

Also, here's what one concerned mom sent me:

“We are regular listeners during our daily commute to school. My son informed me that there was a masked protest at Wando High School at 8:00 am today … I am proud of the students for standing up against the boot of tyranny that is suffocating our spirit.

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