Lol! SC Rep. Slam 'Duncan' triggers press


Photo: Getty Images

The 'blue check' mafia is hard at work feigning outrage over the #LetsGoBrandon #FJB grassroots movement that's sweeping the nation to include SC's own US Rep. Jeff Duncan -who's the latest to be targeted by the propaganda press for being 'uncivil' for wearing his #LGB mask inside the Capitol.

For years we've talked live with the Congressman on The Kelly Golden Show. He's one of my favorite in the D.C. delegation representing the Abbeville area of South Carolina. His staunch conservative voting record and attitude is a breathe of fresh air.

The absurd hypocrisy of these whiners is on full display with these oldies but (not so) goodies from the preview administration - getting death threats in rap songs, on award shows, in a theater performance ... on and on!

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