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LAST CHANCE: Submit Online Comment Before Noon!

「Like!」and Diversity

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American Heritage Association shared:

'On Tuesday, January 25th, city council will vote to revive the controversial Commission on Equity, Inclusion and Racial Conciliation under a new name: Human Affairs and Racial Conciliation Commission.

We have a very simple request: Submit an online comment to Charleston City Council before Noon on Monday at the link below. Your comment can be as simple as "Vote against the Human Affairs and Racial Conciliation Commission."

To submit a comment or sign up to speak over the phone click on this link: Public Comments (

The proposed ordinance creating this “new” commission ties it directly to the old commission’s radical report. It refers to the report as the “pathway forward”.

This report recommended:

Reparations: Pages 26 and 27

Critical Race Theory: Pages 52

1619 Project: Page 53

Eliminating Cash Bail: Page 23

Historical Monument Removal: Page 36

Reallocating Resources from Our Police: Page 21

Under political pressure, last week the Mayor and some of the leftists on council began to run away from these recommendations but yet they still want to legitimize this radical commission by bringing it back. They are trying to separate the fruit from the tree...typical slippery politicians.

Will the same radicals that came up with this nonsense be on the rebranded commission?'

Read the report here:

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