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'Honk Nation ain't moving'


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Journalist, publisher of Rebel News — Ezra Levant's specialty is 'telling the other side of the story.' He was invited to speak at the on-going 'Freedom Convoy 2022' rally at Canada's Capitol - pushing back against mandated vaxx for cross boarder truckers:

On Monday, Canada's PM Justin Trudeau accused the trucker convoy crowd of "hateful rhetoric" and "violence toward citizens," he'd rather prefers to attend BLM protests. Trudeau's latest claims are that protestors are violent, racist who are desecrating soldier's graves, Levant says:

"Trudeau won't even meet with the truckers. He calls them "violent". By contrast, he gave a public apology and $10.5 million in tax dollars to convicted Al Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr."

A listener sent us these links to his Canadian friend, Randy Martin's live streams, who's a trucker involved in the on-going convoy. In one post Martin says,

"I have a question to all the people out there that are against or disagree with the Freedom Convoy 2022! How many of you have lost your job, lost your business, lost your income or lost your pension because of the mandates and lockdowns?"

Check out this listener submitted YouTube link to protestors across Canada mixed with Braveheart

PSA: Canadian Freedom Rally- Inspirational Audio From Braveheart

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