More Cops & Camera's?

Generic police lights and yellow police tape at crime scene

Photo: Getty Images

Absolutely terrifying video out of North Charleston where you see children ducking for cover at the kids baseball game as dozens of shots rang out at Pepperhill Park. Thankfully no one was hurt!

According to North Charleston Police, witnesses say multiple vehicles pulled into the parking lot where a fight broke out before the shots were fired. The investigation continues but LEO's will now be stationed at the park while 700 new camera's are to be installed across the City.

And, officers met with recreation staff to create a safety plan for the city's parks and playgrounds. A $10-thousand dollar reward is being offered if tips result in arrests. Call Crimestoppers at (843) 554-1111.

The investigation continues.

Meanwhile, callers into 'The Kelly Golden Show' discuss answers to curbing the recent spate of 'drive by' style shootings across SC - take a listen!

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