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Swamp Loggers shutters family business


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Say goodbye to Bobby Goodson and his crew of rugged loggers from the swamps of North Carolina. The high cost of gas prices has become too much for Goodson All Terrain Logging, of Swamp Logger fame, who've decided to close up shop.

Flanked by his wife, fourth-generation logger, Bobby T. Goodson, of the famed Discovery show 'Swamp Logger' announces he's retiring, and selling his stuff.

For years, Goodson's shared all the tough choices he's faced to keep the family business going, but admits in this latest YouTube drop, the price of fuel under this Administration has forced the decision to shutter his doors.

Reaction to the live stream started pouring in:

EJ Harrop via YouTube said, "We need to remember all this in the upcoming elections."

Scott in TX said, "Last time the gas went up like this I lost my truckin' company, I had 3 OTR trucks and just lost my butt with 38000.00 a month fuel bills."

Goodson was born in 1964 in Jacksonville, North Carolina and shared in the video announcement that he was 11 when he started working in the logging industry, and blessed to be able to retire.

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