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TMSGT: Tell Me Something Good Tuesday

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Tell Me Something Good Tuesday 94.3 WSC + Kelly Golden Show listeners drive thousands in donations to Make-A-Wish SC

We can't thank OneNation Coffee, a Veteran, First Responder and American owned company that roasts small batches of coffee to order, operating on Main St. in Summerville. A portion of their daily coffee proceeds are already donated to the @onenationfoundationusa and Veteran One, a non-profit for veteran's transitioning from military to civilian life. But, it didn't stop them from donating $3500 to help 'Make-A-Wish' come true at the recent 2022 Gala in Charleston.

Special shout out to One Nation Co-Founders Phil Moniz, John C. Richards & Partner Neil Johnson for stepping up to give back to Make-A-Wish SC and bidding on our on-air studio experience with the Kelly Golden Show and iHeart Radio Charleston.

I featured the guy's new coffee company (they bravely launched their business during the pandemic) as a good news story for providing immediate aid to frontline first responders during Covid. OneNation Partner Neil Johnson said on-mic, while live auction bidding, they wanted to 'show their appreciation' by coming back on-air, while still showcasing their mission of paying it forward in the coffee business -- by spreading more good throughout the community.

Co-Founder John Richard's said, " ...the reason I started OneNation Coffee is because I really want to make a difference in our community. I believe that OneNation Coffee can be more than just a coffee company. I believe this company can show people that with a little faith, and a lot of hard work, dreams can become a possibility. No matter what happens, I am excited to be apart of this company with one of my best friends since childhood. My prayer is that this company will be a blessing to my family and to everyone else that comes across us."

The story doesn't stop there! The OneNation crew was 'battling it out' for a final combined $7 thousand dollar package experience WIN with another table, where I met Adam R. Roach and his lovely bride from I Love Coaching Co. Together, each company bid $3500 dollars for an on-air station stop-in, to share their stories with all of you, while funding a wish for someone with a life threatening illness, or who may even have a terminal diagnosis.

"I believe in a whole-life approach to success. Your health, wealth and relationships are all connected." —Adam Roach, I Love Coaching Founder

We can't wait to host you here at iHeartRadio Charleston, inside the Kelly Golden Show studios. We also hope to follow that 'Wish' when granted to share in the joy y'alls participation in the 2022 Make-A-Wish SC Gala Live Auction brought to someone else.

NONE of this would of been possible without title event sponsor Matt O'Neill Real Estate , a station sponsor as well, who's recently launched his brand new 'Good Mood Show' 7 a.m. Saturday's on 94.3 WSC and where ever you get podcast, just search 'Good Mood Show'.

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