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Accused J6'er Reacts to Committee Hearing

Washington, DC Security Heightened Ahead Of September 18 Rally

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Accused J6'er Reacts to Committee Hearing: 'I don't think it went well for Democrats. There were some glaring contradictions that came out...'

Here's a quick look at what we've learned from David Johnston's recent live call-in to 'The Kelly Golden Show' detailing his May arrest in connection with Jan 6th.

He's a married father of four who says he's a deacon at his local church and has lived in the lowcountry for about 25 years. Johnston says he was a member of the South Carolina Bar in 'good standing' for the past decade, who worked as an attorney at a local Injury Law Firm.

David tells 94.3 WSC: "My firm fired me before I was out of the courthouse. The ODC, which is the office that disciplines lawyers filed a petition to suspend my license. I actually consented, I voluntarily consented to the petition, because this is so politically charged ... there's nothing the court can do with me that there not going to get criticized by somebody so I just decided the best thing to do is consent ... I've pled not guilty to these charges. I look forward to my day in court."

According to this write up regarding his arrest, Johnston's cell phone records placed he and his neighbor inside the Capitol building for multiple minutes. His neighbor turned himself in.

Johnston declined to share any details of that day during our interview but explained he's charged with four misdemeanors - two 'class a' two 'class b' - to include disorderly conduct and picketing/parading.

"I have not been charged with anything involving laying my hands on anybody or fighting with anybody...I've not been charged with breaking anything. I've not be charged with vandalizing anything. I've not been charged with stealing anything," he added.

So what's next? He says his trial goes through 'discovery' where the government lays out there case against him followed by pretrial motions that could include a motion to dismiss, or reduced or increased charges, adding this could go on for a 'few years.'

"If it tells your listeners anything about how I feel about these charges then let me say, I've pled not guilty and I look forward to my day in court." Johnston said.

As for his reaction to Thursday night's J6 Committee Hearing:

"I don't think it went well for Democrats..there were some glaring contradictions that came out. For example, they tried to say Trump incited it somehow when he spoke and yet they turned around and said the violence actually started at 10:30 a.m. before Trump was even there..."

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