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WATCH: Trump-backed challengers in SC

Bipartisan Congressmembers Discuss "Active Shooter Alert Act"

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SC US Reps. Rice and Mace face Trump-backed challengers

Rice is facing State Representative Russell Fry. Mace is facing the Trump-backed Katie Arrington.

PODCAST: Trump on SC Primary, J6 Committee

Former President Donald J. Trump joined the Kelly Golden Show discussing his endorsed candidates for Tuesday's Primary vote in SC:

“My endorsements, I think we're batting at about 99-98% or something and that's why these two are very important Russell Frye and Katie Arrington. Nancy Mace is just not the person … just NOT…nasty you know just a person that fights us at every you know fights ‘America First’ fights MAGA …how do you fight America First?! Biden fought ‘America first’ too … look at how that's turning out it's a disaster what they've done to our country is a disaster …”

POTUS 45 also ripped the on going 'partisan' J-6 hearings live Monday on 94.3 WSC.

"They don't want to talk about (again) the security of the Capitol, which is up to Nancy Pelosi, it's not up to the President. So, she didn't do her job ... if they would of done their job, there would be no January 6th as we know it."

He also shared more on gas prices, the boarder wall and check out the former President's answer when asked if he feared future indictments headed into the 2024 elections!

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