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Sen. Graham “I reject violence. I’m not calling for violence...”

Senators Graham And Blumenthal Unveil Resolution To Designate Russia As Terror Sponsor

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Graham attends Energy conference, talks Mar-a-Lago, student loans

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham stressed the importance of energy independence Monday at the Southern States Energy Board annual meeting in Charleston.

Graham also talked about why he feels it is important to keep a place for natural gas in the economy. The theme of the conference is “Clean Energy Fueling Growth,” and Graham says that means investing in nuclear power here in South Carolina.

The senator said it was important for him to attend the conference so he had a chance to talk to southern energy leaders about the future of clean energy and how the power companies that call South Carolina home are involved.

Aside from the topic of energy, Graham also clarified comments he made in an interview with Fox News Sunday night. He suggested prosecuting Donald Trump over classified documents found at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home could prompt riots in the streets. He compared the situation to former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton using a private email server for classified government information.

“America cannot live with this kind of double standard. I thought what she did was bad, but she got a pass at the end of the day. If there’s a prosecution against President Trump, based on mishandling classified information, after what happened with Hillary Clinton, there will be frustration and, I fear, violence,” Graham said. “I reject violence. I’m not calling for violence. Violence is not the answer, but I’m just telling you.”

He said the FBI and Department of Justice are made up of hardworking people, but called the raid “a stunning step in the wrong direction.”

On the White House announcement that portions of student loans would be forgiven, Graham called it quote “one of the worst ideas.” He says the decision will add to the country’s deficit and the burden will fall on the many working men and women across South Carolina and the country.

“You’re helping a very small group of people at the expense of the many,” he said. “Imagine what we could do with that amount of money to have every average everyday working people because I think it was a bad decision, I think was politically motivated. They’re trying to buy votes.”

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