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VIDEO: breaking point ... 'I have been compelled to speak up'

Photo: Cogswell For Mayor

THROWBACK: to the damning video I shared on social, that went viral, of Charleston's Mayor John Tecklenburg surrounded by angry business owners, like Steve Palmer, the morning after the May 2020 riots in our City. It was immediately viewed 110-thousand times, and shared and commented on by hundreds.

MAY 31st 2020: Upper King Street restaurant owners, like Steve Palmer of Indigo Road Restaurant Group, caught in heated exchange with Charleston’s Mayor John Tecklenburg over ‘lack of leadership’ amid #CharlestonRiots

So, it's no surprise for me to see Palmer, and likely now others, that are coming out to endorse William Cogswell's run-off race to replace the incumbent candidate in his bid for re-election as Mayor.

"I have never done a political endorsement before. Honestly I think the whole system is broken but I love my city and I have been compelled to speak up. I know @cogswellformayor personally and he is a good man with a clear vision for making Charleston a better city for all of the residents that love this city like I do. I hope you'll come out Tuesday so we can all make Charleston the city we want it to be." - Steve Palmer, Indigo Road Restaurant Group

Palmer pointed to the riots in May 2020 which (video above) showed the current Mayor’s lack of leadership, saying “I will never forget at a time when our city needed leadership the most. Calling 911 nine times because I was trying to get a family and a small child out of a dangerous situation, only to be told that the police were told not to engage and then to have that very police force apologizing the next day because they wanted to do something. That's not good for our city.”

Like Palmer, who's worked with Tecklenburg's admin., including many non-profit initiatives, I can understand what he means when Steve says above that there's a time and place for a 'friend' and another for a 'leader'.

Tecklenburg was instrumental in June of 2017 in recognizing my 20 + year broadcast career efforts, that included helping raise millions for area non-profits, with a key to the City of Charleston. The City Hall ceremony is one I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

While I will for ever be humbled and thankful for the recognition, it doesn't cloud my judgment of how the Mayor mismanaged the riots of 2020 in our city. Take a look at this live stream of my 'morning after coverage' of the real-time reaction to the utter devastation our had city had experienced.

“70% of the city voted against John Tecklenburg on November 7th, and it’s clear we need change. We’re excited about the large coalition of support we’re building and we are ready to restore leadership and integrity to city hall,” said Cogswell.

William Cogswell says he's received bipartisan support through endorsements from Mayoral Candidate Mika Gadsden, State Representative Wendell Gilliard (D) and former U.S. District Attorney and former House Representative Peter McCoy (R), Clay Middleton’s Campaign Manager Angela Kouters, and City Councilmember Peter Shahid.


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