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Congress, this #BigFailFriday, has failed to pass new funding to better secure our southern boarder. Now is a great time to remind everyone that the South Carolina Legislature has made it legal for you to carry a firearm to protect your life or someone else’s life in a life-or-death incident.

Check out this sit down with owner El Rey “Buddy” Isgett who served in the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman for 10 years. During his time of service, he fired pistols, rifles, machine guns and even an anti-tank weapon. Isgett then joined the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office until his retirement after 30 years of service. "Buddy" has held several positions within the Sheriff’s Office to include certifications as a SCCJA Basic Law Enforcement Instructor, Firearms, Rifle and Master Taser Instructorships. Click and listen - powered by Disaster Plus

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While Isgett was assigned to the Training Division, he instructed Basic Law Enforcement, Firearms, Basic Police Law, Self-Defense and was designated a Master Instructor for the Taser System. During his tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, he trained and regularly qualified hundreds of Deputies and Corrections personnel in the use of their pistols, shotgun, and rifles assigned to them.

-SC Academy Instructor (28 years)

-Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (27 years)

-Trained over 350 deputies yearly

-NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor

Isgett is currently certified by the SC Criminal Justice academy, SLED, NRA and is a current Concealed Weapons Instructor. He has spent thousands of hours instructing the basic skills of firearm safety, handling, and certification with firearms. Isgett's vast experience in Law Enforcement with the USAF and the Sheriff’s Office certainly makes him extremely qualified to share his experiences and qualify each individual as a new SC Concealed Weapons holder.

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