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UPDATE: Disturbing 'Plantation' Meme Fuels #WalkAway Movement

Identity politics at its worst was on full display this week, locally and nationally.  Apparently shameful bullying of any African American with an opinion different from Democrats is now applauded. This disturbing 'Plantation' meme was shared with our station as a screen shot of a social post from supporters of the Democrat running against Katie Arrington to fill Mark Sanford's seat in SC's First Congressional District. 

On Tuesday, Maurice Washington responded to the meme he was the subject of.  Sadly, this isn't fake news and these weren't 'fringe crazies' who created and shared this racist meme (and since removed it from their accounts.) The people who created, shared this vile messaging are educated, respected people in our community. A small business owner, an attorney, one actually running for office! 

Brandon Straka, with the #WalkAway campaign, called into the show to talk about the movement and march which is coming up October 26 - 28th in Washington DC. 

An absolutely disrespectful, despicable display of how leaders in our community are being treated for their political beliefs. These low antics will continue to drive #WalkAway voters to the polls on Nov. 6th to vote for Katie Arrington.

Add to that, more disrespectful antics from Former SC Democrat Lawmaker Bakari Sellers. Listen below as he calls  Kanye West a 'Negro' on CNN after West had lunch with POTUS 45. 

'After 2 straight years of calling everybody else racist, the MSM has imploded with a cacophony of racist comments against Kanye for thinking for himself. It’s all falling apart for them.' - Brandon Straka 

Talk about another one for the #BigFailFriday books:

Even Heisman Trophy winning Herschel Walker has had enough!

"Went to bed appalled over @donlemon despicable behavior laughing at @TaraSetmayer and @Bakari_Sellers awful remarks about Kanye West’s visit with @realDonaldTrump!! Woke up wondering why @CNN doesn’t take all three off the air? #SHAMEFUL #CNN"

I hope to see Herschel, Kanye, Jerome, Joey and others leading with LOVE at the #WalkAway March coming up Oct. 26-28th in D.C. Enough is enough!

Listener reaction started coming in at the end of our Friday talk show. Listen to my daily podcast on 94.3 WSC on your iHeartRadio App or by clicking below now!

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